Battling The PCOD Monster!

Life was as blissful after I got married. My husband and I were spending our best time together. Movies, dinner dates, short trips, late night cake baking and hogging. Everything was perfectly hunky dory. Until one day I started feeling my clothes aren’t fitting me well. I was blaming it all on the regular trips to restaurants and the sweet tooth I had recently developed. But then for two months my cycles also went berserk. I decided to see the doctor without guessing there could be any connection between these two. On hearing the symptoms, my doctor suggested some tests. On seeing the reports, the expressions on her face were so scary that I felt I have some life threatening disease. The way she said I have PCOD (PolyCystic Ovary Disease) and that it’ll be miraculous for me to conceive- it just made my whole world come crashing down. While I do not believe that attaining motherhood naturally is the only way a woman can complete, there was something in the way she broke the news to me, that made me feel really dejected. I had never heard about this disease before. I had no clue how severe it could get. And so like a curious case, I came home and read every article about PCOD on the internet. To my utter dismay, it made me feel only more miserable. Internet was full negative stuff written about PCOD.

I sulked everyday but didn’t want to discuss the problem with anyone since I was feeling pressurised. Apart from the problem it causes in conceiving, PCOD can also cause type II diabetes in long term- which was another nightmare for me. No matter how much my husband and parents tried to calm me, my heart refused to feel better. And then one day I confided in a friend. She heard me out patiently and then pointed out many examples of girls from our circle having PCOD and still being healthy and eventually having children. That conversation gave me a lot of strength. She and of course my family helped me get a grip of myself. I was put on a six month medication and had to lose around 10kgs. I was very motivated and did all of it religiously. I started brisk walking for an hour (Bengaluru weather helped me with this), stopped my sugars, regulated my oil intake and started taking better care of myself. PCOD hence, couldn’t get the better of me. Six months later, all my tests were in place. I lost all the kilos I had gained and I felt fit like never before. And what followed further was lots of happiness and a natural and smooth pregnancy. Today when I look back at that time, I hold my daughter tight in my hands and simply laugh at the fuss that’s created around PCOD. I have so many friends and relatives telling me they have the same condition. The only thing that I have to share from my experience is that no matter what anyone says- DO NOT BE SCARED OF PCOD- for its really not a big deal if you’re motivated to beat it. It is a condition that can be taken care of in the most natural manner- exercise and monitoring diet- and of course if your doctor suggests- some light medication. Lots of love to every girl trying to fight it off- more power!

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